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Around this time last month me and Zak went to Zeeland by train. There was a special for two night at “Grand Hotel Ter Duin”. Initially we wanted to go for valentines weekend but it was full, as you could have guessed. So we went a week later. The train ride there was very peaceful and the closer we got to the hotel the less people we saw. In the bus from Middelburg to the hotel there was hardly another passenger besides us. The bus had to drive over two long bridges to get to the hotel, which gave a pretty cool vieuw.

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The hotel was pretty nice. The gym was ridiculous though. The pool was nice n the sauna was nice (I did however come to the conclusion i prefer a hot shower over the sauna).  On Friday night zak and I took the bus more into “town” looking for a cafe, but the vibe was kind of dead so we just went to a albert heijn and watched 10 things I hate about you at the hotel.

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The next day we went for a walk in the forest / dunes. This was probably my favourite part of the trip. It was cold and rainy but that made it a kind of refreshing walk. There where a few birds and a bunch of people jogging or walking they’re dogs. We also say a cat at the dunes near some houses. I guess the dunes are like a giant litter box?

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your childhood bedroom,
your teenage bedroom

you’re whole life,
boxed away and kept in the attic
of your parental home

you’re suitcase packed
a bundle of hope and
folded up ambition

your high school
where you made your first guy friends,
where you cried in public twice
and got your heart broken
dark, quiet and much more comforting then you’d ever known it to be

the desert land,
the soil of your home
in the middle the foam